Her lips touched his brain as they touched his lips,,



Are there any life lessons you have learned from being a professional companion? 

Appreciating that every person I spend time with has something special about them. I like discovering what that is. Also, to be without judgement. When you see people at their most vulnerable, it is a reminder of how dynamic and dimensional we are.

On a more personal note, I have matured more emotionally in my 9 years as a companion, then all my years spent in the corporate world.

What do you value most in a man?

Integrity. A sense of humor. Generosity. Confidence. Old school values. A clever and intellectually curious mind. Passion and pluck.

I notice you have a separate Fly Me to You screening form. Do you enjoy these types of arrangements?

Thank you for asking. Yes. During the lockdown, I had a few FMTY dates and found them to be quite thrilling, with a natural intensity. It is a very special kind of experience because you are on an adventure with someone you are just getting to know. What a unique way to immerse yourself in someone else. I created the FMTY form to make it more convenient for prospective clients to connect with me and schedule these unique and special engagements.


Email: oliviatwist@protonmail.com

Call 917.617.0746

blog: http://intellectualarousals.com

This is my first time seeking a companion. What advice can you give me?

First, I would suggest you do your due diligence. Visit her website, make sure you understand her protocols for meeting. Your instinct will tell you if she has integrity and professionalism. Then, approach her as you would anyone else. Politeness goes a long way. We are women, not robots.

How long do you prefer to meet for?

I prefer a minimum of 2hrs. Otherwise 3- 4 hrs, because that includes social time. Our introduction is propelled by momentous connection, that begins with mutual intellect and curiosity. I prefer longer dates, that enable us to tease all of the senses. There is nothing cookie-cutter about our time together. What matters most is that you feel relaxed, engaged and appreciated. When we part, I believe we will have made an incredibly special memory.

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