We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.

Anais Nin

In Pursuit of Mature and Intellectual Vigor.

You found me because of a yearn and desire to learn a different kind of connection, one truly modern, playful and real. It is not an escape from reality, but rather a unique and bespoke reality, based in mutual respect and benefit. A mature connection more authentic than you could hope for. A woman with real curves, who understands and reads your desire without a word escaping your lips. I believe that intellectual curiosity is the catalyst for seduction. In this moment, time is on our side.   The destination is inevitable, so let’s delight in the journey.  The intensity of our desires will motivate and dictate our time together.  


After 8 years as a professional companion, there is one thing I am certain of – we all crave connection. The desire for someone to understand us on a level that doesn’t always require spoken language. Authenticity, not only in human relationship but also in contact. Most importantly, a reminder that who we are will never grow stagnant or let the intensity in who we are, dull.

I walked out of an intense 18 year corporate career for those very reasons – a deep desire to dive into the deeper end of the pool of human behavior was all too enticing, especially on my own terms. My journey as a professional companion has brought a level of satisfaction to my life that is unparalleled.

Now, if you prefer to skip over the rest of my bio and book a date, then tell me about you.

Modern intimacy redefined.

It takes a keen understanding of human behavior to appreciate the nuances of intimacy. The idea that meaningful connection can be born from shared intellectual and carnal passions and curiosities, without any expectation or strings attached. This is the elixir that drives relaxed exploration. We treasure the ability to define that intimacy and not have it defined for us – an emotionally mature bond that transcends the best imagination and creates a reality all of its own.

Sounds perfect. Now, tell me about YOU.

As you have read, I started out in the corporate world. I have been living in the media epicenter, Manhattan, for 15 years. 10 years ago, my lover at the time, bought me the book, The Alchemist. He encouraged me to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur. While he didn’t know the direction of my entrepreneurial efforts, he knew my spirit, much like Fatima, was grounded in honesty and wild.

Like The Alchemist, your journey may have twists and turns that lead you in an unexpected direction. I’ve learned so much about people from being a professional companion and my emotional intelligence has grown. It has taught me to pass no judgement, to live life empathically and to appreciate the moment.

A Life of Connection, Openness and Spontaneity.

Everything in my life emanates from those behaviors – from my life philosophy to my personal interests and hobbies. A love of the sensorial experience, from food and wine – opened the door to wine caves in South America and Europe, getting up close and personal with the winemakers, listening to their stories as we imbibe the work of ancient vines. I truly enjoy cooking, food and dining experiences. In my younger days I maintained 2 gardens and love to host big dinner parties. Now, I am just as happy to dine out – whether at a neighborhood gem in the city I am in, or something more exotic – a Michelin star restaurant in Burgundy, a seafood shack in low country or food cooked up by locals, who have been up all night, at the Bazurto markets in Cartagena, these unique experiences are always a treat.

As a cancer, of course, I also love the water. Lead me to the ocean. The feel of the sun and the smell of the salt air mixed with sunscreen. I can’t get enough- whether swimming, fishing, sailing, surfing or just admiring the water from the sand or sun chair, it is my second home.

Yes, great memories are made from the senses.

Now, let’s make a new reality happen.

We have no reason to wait. Procrastination is for the weak-minded. You know what you want because a strong, confident man, always does. I am ready to connect with you.


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