A man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait.

johann wolfgang van goethe



  • Introductions can seem intimidating. If you do proper due diligence and simply follow booking protocols, it’s much less intimidating. In the first contact, share your name, how you found me, when you would like to meet and the length of our meeting. Sending your screening info and acknowledgement of a deposit to be paid on the first intro, gets you bonus points. It shows you are invested, trusting and enthused to create a new and unique bond. Remember, I get nervous and excited too!
  • While not necessary, a small gift when we meet is always appreciated. It helps to create that ambience of intimacy. Whether it is a gift card, flowers, a bottle of wine, something off of my wishlist, showing thoughtfulness never goes out of style.
  • When it comes to the length of our date, book what is realistic. I recommend either 2hrs or a date that involves social time – 3 or 4 hours. Either option will give enough time to genuinely connect and relax into our chemistry. Regardless of what length of time we are together for, it is always possible to extend our time together.
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